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Company Profile

1. Who we are ?

IT solutions have become increasingly complex and expensive. Too often, businesses end up working to support their IT, instead of the other way around. Since 2007, Oasys Solusi Teknologi has thrived by observing a single mandate: Take care of our clients' IT needs, so they can focus on their clients' needs.

Oasys Solusi Teknologi as System Integrator Company provides innovative technology solution and value-added services designed to enhance your competitive advantage in the business domain fulfillment. Oasys believe in understanding your vision and strategy and plans its partnership accordingly

Oasys provides end to end services to manage the banking vertical space demand fulfillment of Banking Solutions, Technology Services and Outsourcing Services.

Oasys’s knowledge driven solution built with domain expertise and its ability to across leverage best practices enables you to convert your fixed costs to variable costs. You can feel confident about building your business with Oasys’s unique customized solutions.

2. What we do ?

Banking Solutions

Oasys provides support to achieve your business objectives through use of professional technical resources. The cost effective and high quality customized solution

Delivery Channels

* Corporate Cash Management
* e-Banking
Surrounding Solutions

* Trade Finance
* Treasury
* Reconcile Business Intelligence

* Financial Performance
* Profitability Analysis
* Asset Liabilities Management
* Risk Analysis
* Risk Management
* Single Customer View

Technology Services

Oasys provides support to achieve your business objectives through use of professional technical resources. The cost effective and high quality customized solution

Software Development

* Application
* Integration
* Report
* Business Analyst, Architecture Framework and Project Management

Process Consulting

* IT Policy and Process
* Process and Review Customer Product Management

* Deployment, training and migration
* Support, maintenance and enhancement

Outsourcing Services

Oasys support in staffing solutions. We provide value to our clients in the form of targeted, cost –effective, reliable resource solution that help them reach their business objectives. Using rigorous requirements gathering, best in class technical expertise and creative recruiting solutions, Oasys has the best combination of professional technical skills let your business stay focused on business.


* Application
* Integration
* Report
* Business Analyst, Architecture Framework and Project Management


* IT Policy and Process
* Process and Review Advanced

* Support, maintenance and enhancement

Our Proposition

* Deep Domain Expertise
* Knowledge driven solutions
* Focus on long term partnership
* Ability to cross leverage best practice

3. Strategic Alliance Partner?

About ACI
Every second of every day, consumers are doing business electronically – they’re buying things in stores and on the Internet, banking by phone, getting cash at ATMs, using PCs to receive documents, review account status, and pay bills online. Software from ACI Worldwide helps ensure those transactions are processed reliably and safely, 24 hours a day. ACI also provides some of the world’s largest financial institutions with international and domestic wholesale payments and financial message processing solutions.
We’ve come a long way since 1975, when the company began as a custom development firm. ACI Worldwide now has over 2,100 employees worldwide and offices in principal cities around the globe. We have one of the most diverse and robust product portfolios in the industry, with application software spanning the length of the e-payments value chain.
More than 800 customers in 83 countries use our software every day to process electronic payments and conduct business in new ways. Last year, our customers used ACI software to process nearly 75 billion consumer payment transactions and manage an estimated $5 trillion in wholesale payments every day. They include many of the world's largest and most progressive financial institutions and retailers, managing mission-critical payment systems without fail.

ACI Enterprise Banker Overview
ACI Enterprise Banker is a global electronic banking application that facilitates the online initiation of corporate and correspondent banking transactions. With ACI Enterprise Banker, customers can transact from anywhere in the world and from or to any bank account in a secure and affordable way. ACI Enterprise Banker offers transaction initiation and management facilities for Cash Management, Trade Finance and FX Services and sophisticated Reporting and Information services.
Programmed in Java and designed as an “Enterprise Application” under J2EE technology, ACI Enterprise Banker provides users with a functionally rich UI (Users Interface) even though it is browser based. Its “Open System” architecture makes it platform independent and enables it to be deployed on various hardware and operating systems.
Each and every single day banks are challenged by having to cope with and to manage a multitude of non-standardized back office applications and systems – including such notable applications Retail Banking, Treasury-Foreign Exchange/Money Market, Corporate Loans, Trade Finance, Risk Management, Funds Transfer applications such as CHIPS, Fedwire and/or ACH, SWIFT, etc. Each one of these applications have been programmed and developed by different vendors who specialize in such applications and different sets of programming languages and technologies, each having non-standard UI. Each of these applications has different User Interfaces, different Administration/Users Setup and Privileges. Each of these has different maintenance and, last but not least, each of these applications has been designed operate under different hardware/operating system platforms (e.g. Mainframe/MVX-CICS, AS/400/OS400, RS6000/AIX, Sun/SOLARIS, Alpha/UNIX, Pentium PC/WindowsNT-2000), etc.
ACI Enterprise Banker provides a unique opportunity towards having A SINGLE WINDOW under a uniform hardware/OS independent platform on which banks can offer their products and services for their customers via web access. ACI Enterprise Banker has been designed to be responsive to “Time to Market” opportunities that our customers expect.
Today, banks are pressured into offering comprehensive and complex financial products at the most competitive prices. The recent market challenges deregulation and consolidation in the banking sector, globalization and the pervasiveness of the Internet, have joined to create a highly competitive environment, where only well-positioned institutions can survive. In addition to this, corporate customers now need to source for the lowest price and leverage quality of service, 24-hour accessibility and convenience in order to survive in their own sectors. Turning all these objectives into a tangible reality is no small feat. Empowered with ACI Enterprise Banker, this is all within reach.
ACI Enterprise Banker is one of the most comprehensive Internet transactional banking packages today. It enables the banks to meet the needs of even the most demanding clients. ACI Enterprise Banker is a single platform through which panoply of other online value-added services can be offered to customers. With ACI Enterprise Banker, accessibility, convenience and quality of service are the key words. Customers can access multiple products via one single screen and easily initiate Trade Finance transactions, Remit payments, Check their statements and reports online and even ensure that proper authorization and administration controls are in place.

Business Modules
Cash Management Products - Online Initiation
Local Payments
* Own Account Transfer
* Third Party Transfer
* Direct Credit
* Direct Debit
* Payroll
* Corporate Cheques
* Cheque Express
* Cashiers Orders
* ACH Payments (SKN)

Stop Cheques
International Payments
* Customer Transfers
* Bank Transfers
* Demand Drafts
* Notice to Receive Funds

Cash Management Reporting
Balance Reporting Enquiry Special Reporting
* Account Statement (consolidates Daily & Intra-Day Statement balances)
* Fixed Deposit Enquiry
* Loans Enquiry
* Cheque Status Enquiry
* Inward Remittance Inquiry  Bill Payments
* Generic Reports

Trade Finance Initiation Products
Imports Exports
* LC Issuance
* LC Amendment
* Standby LC
* Standby LC Amendment
* Bank Guarantee
* Bank Guarantee Amendment
* Settlement Instruction
* Shipping Guarantee/AWG
* TR Financing  Export LC Confirmation
* Export Loans

Trade Finance Advising
Imports Exports Loan
* Bills under LC
* Bills under Collection
* Export LC Advising
* Export LC Amendment
* Export Bills under LC
* Export Bill under Collection
* Other Trade Loans

Key Features:
• Single window, single sign-on capabilities to multiple financial products.
• Real-time transaction initiation, routing and reporting capabilities with online status updates.
• Custom-defined access rights enabling product subscription concept and multiple deployment model options.
• Powerful administration and maintenance modules with flexible authorization matrices that model real-life business practices.
• User Authentication with dynamic passwords and digital signature technologies.
• Effective control features, including audit trails, system security and maintenance reports.
• Reliable and Comprehensive engine that takes care of Business Interfacing (ACI Business Connector) which incorporates IBM MQ message broker, Smart and Intelligent data transformation/translation, data enrichment and built-in Scheduler.
• Multi-lingual, including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic etc.

• Time-to-market deployments with best-of-breed solutions.
• Enables preservation of existing IT Investments - ACI Enterprise Banker layers on top of existing systems.
• SWIFT compliant, integrated business rule validations within the system, leveraging in-depth understanding and knowledge of corporate and correspondent banking.
• User-friendly and interactive with re-usable models, look-up features, drop-down menus, input validation rules and a familiar Windows-based client-server look and feel.
• Smoother learning curve for both users and administrators at bank and customer sites.
• Centralized administration and system maintenance with minimum downtime.
• Scalability & Flexibility - ACI Enterprise Banker was designed to adapt to new and future business and technological needs, enabling ROI protection.
• Developed by an experienced team of ex-bankers, developers and consultants from the banking sector.

ACI Customers

Asia Pacific
• DBS Bank (Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, China, Regionally)
• OCBC Bank (Singapore, Malaysia)
• Bank NISP (Indonesia)
• Kasikorn Bank, (Thailand)
• Siam Commercial Bank, (Thailand)
• TMB Bank, (Thailand)
• OIB Bank, (Oman)
• ABN Amro, (Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, China, Regionally)
• Bank Danamon Indonesia (Indonesia)
• Bank of the Philippine Islands (Philippine)
• Al Rajhi Bank (Malaysia)
• National Saving Bank (Sri Lanka)
• Bank Central Asia (Indonesia)
• Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia and New Zealand)
• Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (Australia and New Zealand)
• National Credit Card Centre (Taiwan)
• Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore)
• Korea Securities Computer Corp. (Korea)
• National Australia Bank (Australia)
• Bangkok Bank (Thailand)
• Chinatrust Commercial Bank (Taiwan)
• Optus (Australia)
• Japan Credit Bureau – JCB (Japan)
• HDFC Bank (India)
• ICICI Bank (India)
• State Bank of India (India)

Europe, Middle East and Africa
• Visa International (UK)
• RBOS Group (UK)
• Barclays Bank (UK)
• HSBC Plc (UK)
• ING Direct (Netherlands)
• SSB (Italy)
• Citicorp (Germany)
• National Bank of Greece (Greece)
• ABSA Group (South Africa)
• FSPA (Sweden)
• The National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia)

• Key Bank (US.)
• Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (Canada)
• The Royal Bank of Canada (Canada)
• Bank of America (U.S.)
• CertaPay (U.S.)
• SunTrust Bank (U.S.)
• SouthTrust Bank (U.S.)
• Popular, Inc. (EverTech) (Puerto Rico)
• First National Bank Omaha (U.S.)
• Wachovia Bank (U.S.)
• Target Corporation (U.S.)
• Winn-Dixie Stories, Inc. (U.S.)
• Publix Super Markets (U.S.)
• Banco Itau (Brazil)
• Banelco (Argentina)
• Banco Nacional de Mexico, S.A. (Mexico)

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